Introducing Organizing Change – A Space for Strategic Changemakers!

Similarly to many of you, it seems like every day I think about what we need to do to bring about positive, institutional, and lasting improvements in people’s lives.

I started this blog to identify ways to connect my work to a larger strategic shift for transformation. Over this past year I’ve been preparing to launch this blog by compiling activist lessons, examples, and ideas that illustrate how to Change the Way We Organize through:

  • The vision of where we are going with making change through strategic activism and fostering movements that create the world we seek
  • An analysis of what it takes to make change in shifting cultures and disrupting systemic oppression at many levels
  • A toolkit of how we will make change by building skills for what it takes for high-impact organizing

You can probably tell by now that I’m focused on how to achieve a just and resilient planet that fulfills the needs of current and future generations.

I know that what I want to see in society will take us coming at obstacles from many angles, but that is exactly why I want to be a part of initiatives coordinating long-term responses to the problems of our day. Whether you work in a non-profit, a government agency, a business, or a community group, we must break out of an emphasis on single issue areas to demonstrate the results of our collective efforts.


Want to Organize for Social Change…but Strategically?


Each week here I’m looking to build a committed group of changemakers to illustrate not only proven best practices, but also innovative and propelling actions. Organizing Change’s posts will emphasize the following 6 areas crucial to changing our world:

1. Learning from impactful organizing – profiles of current organizers and lessons we can learn from the history of activism

2. Increasing critical organizing capacity – honing skills, resource sharing, and building confidence in acting for what we believe

3. Crafting intentional cultures – shifting dominant narratives and truly representing the full spectrum of personal identities

4. Dismantling injustice – challenging power, privilege, and oppression at an institutional level

5. Propelling strategic action – cross-issue planning and communicating shared values

6. Activating visionary movements – collaborative effort, laying the groundwork for mass change, and stretching what we think is possible to achieve

I’ll be posting about 3 times a week on these essential themes, while also seeking out the most pressing needs and questions that changemakers want discussed. Though it is important to understand the large factors that influence change, I know that it is just as valuable to look at the details facing organizers every day.


Keeping up with Organizing Change


If what I’ve described so far about Organizing Change seems to be similar to your own passions, then think about subscribing to the e-mail and RSS notifications. Or for those more inclined towards the social media side check out the Google+, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

While this space progresses consider contributing your own experiences by guest posting or commenting! Let’s show the necessity of organizing and our commitment to change.


Launching this blog


I’d like to give a big thanks to Jeremy Blanchard (who gave me the space and support to start Organizing Change) and Meaghan Brennan (who made sure that I clearly wrote ideas and posts) for making sure this work became a reality!

As I wrote earlier in this post, I’ve been working on starting this blog for over a year now and my whole outlook on organizing change has dramatically deepened based on the collected organizing lessons I found. Thus, I’m excited to do my best to ensure that Organizing Change gives you as many new insights as it has for me!

Well now that you’ve heard about Organizing Change, check out the first few posts for strategic changemakers on the vision, analysis, and tools we need to Change the Way We Organize.

By Drew Serres

Drew Serres began working on Organizing Change to combine his dedication to showing impactful organizing practices with his passion for learning. Find out more about him at the About Page and see his updates on Twitter and Google+