Welcome to OrganizingChange.org! This is a space dedicated to strategic organizing for changemakers.

Each week this blog aims to Change the Way We Organize by:

  • Fostering strategies and movements that create the positive visions we seek for the world.
  • Identifying how to shift cultures and replace institutional oppression with real results in peoples’ lives.
  • Continuing our learning and skill-building for high-impact organizing.

About Drew

My name is Drew Serres and I used to think that the only way to make change was to get into the “right” job, but then I met some people who called themselves “organizers.” My whole worldview shifted when I discovered that I could work for social change, no matter where I was at in life.

I am organizing to activate resilient, just, intersectional, and positive change in the world. I strive to have the courage to constantly push for more than reforms and talk to my community about the essential need for change in our systems and institutions.

My central purpose, for this blog and throughout my life, is to be a contributor to the movement for bringing about our visions for the world. I want to support a Culture of Action online and offline.

I search for innovative and strategic organizing examples that demonstrate our meaningful action and dedication. I want this to be a space where we give each other support, love, and encouragement as we take on oppressive forces and Organize Change.


Organizing Change’s Purpose


Organizing Change intends to be a space to highlight impactful organizing experiences. There are countless past and current activist stories that serve as our changemaking history and remind us of how many voices we must recognize who have consistently propelled the struggle for a better world.

Organizing Change aims to increase capacity in acting for transformation. By focusing on skill building and resource sharing, Organizing Change aims to stoke the flames of potential within all of us to take action.

Organizing Change amplifies positive frames of the world to shift the narrative of dominant culture. Through moving toward an intentional culture that ends marginalizing narratives, we can begin to truly represent the full spectrum of people in society.

Organizing Change strives to dismantle the connections of power, privilege, and oppression. To fundamentally address the root injustices of our time, we must have a clear understanding of current systems, intersectionality, and the true expression of our identities.

Organizing Change dedicates itself to develop cross-issue strategies that propel action. By implementing clear intentional strategies, we can ensure our activism continually supports broader initiatives for change.

Organizing Change exists to support our visions of long-term movements for change. We must communicate the necessity of collaborative action to foster a dynamic network of mass movements that bring about our visions for the world.

With creativity, purpose, and resilient dedication we commit to organizing change.


Keep Up With Organizing Change


Currently I post about the following a few times a week, with a specific theme for each post (though I tend to include a bit of each in every topic).

  • Where we are going with making change – the vision

  • How to counter obstructors of change – the analysis

  • What it takes to make change – the toolkit

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